The Grenville House Experience



Our society is increasingly based on virtual experiences with a sedentary lifestyle becoming the norm.  This is supported by a passive consumption of other people’s wild adventure experiences. Furthermore the focus on sport, extreme and mainstream, is growing, possibly at the expense of other outdoor activities.

Consequently there is a tendency to disengage from the natural environment leading to exclusion from the great outdoors and the practical challenges it can provide.

The Grenville House Experience opens windows into adventure using activities in the outdoor environment, and the consequent personal and social development this can bring. We enable it to be seen, perceived and experienced as real risk and real adventure by those taking part whilst providing a discreet safety net and umbrella; the safety net being scrupulous application of health and safety policies and the umbrella the professionalism and empathy of our staff.


Grenville House Experience


The Process

The foundation of the Centre’s philosophy is teamwork and shared experience. As such it is the platform on which all activities are based whether assisting each other with a suitcase up to the bedrooms, setting the dining room table for breakfast or canoeing around Brixham harbour. Throughout any visit a wide range of experiences provide opportunities to highlight the importance of both working and living together, sharing as well as building relationships with each other and the staff.



We recognise that even with the umbrella and safety net the Grenville House Experience could be overwhelming or at least a lot to take in. To allow for individual learning styles and interpretation of the experience an emphasis is placed on reflection. At Grenville House the implementation of 'Reflective Practice' forms the most important part of the whole process, without which much of what can be learnt could be missed completely. At various times throughout the visit feedback is considered in a variety of ways. All Outdoor Activity sessions are punctuated with reviews and end with a plenary led by the Instructional staff.  The lead staff often complement this using techniques such as ‘Circle Time’ etc, the use of diaries, as well as simply sending a postcard home. The aim is to assess what took place, highlight the positive aspects, discuss how improvements could be achieved and apply them to the next experience.

At the end of every visit it is hoped that the following key areas will have been acknowledged:



New experiences

Greater appreciation of, and respect for others

Positive self-development

Increased environmental awareness

Achievement beyond personal expectations



Grenville House offers a high quality experience providing opportunities for individuals to operate as part of a team. The focus is placed upon celebration of both the extension of and venturing beyond comfort zones plus an appreciation of personal responses, as well as those of others when facing up to a range of challenges. All achievements are the product of the choices made during these activities whilst being supported by fellow team members and the staff.

Consequently increases in confidence, developing trust in others and improved self-development are some of the many outcomes that are seen in those taking part in the Grenville House Experience.

The Journey Continues

The Grenville House Experience may prove to be the catalyst for a life of further outdoor adventures whether it is through joining a local Canoe or Sailing Club, the Cubs/Beavers/Scouts/Guides or simply as an individual. 

Whatever happens through the transference of these experiences and newly acquired skills everybody can continue on this journey of personal development wherever their future lies applying this process to their life’s experiences…