Grenville House Merchandise

As a memento of your visit to Grenville House or for that special gift there are a selection of items which can be purchased from the Centre. You can buy the items you require in advance by phone or email. (Just complete the order form on the downloads page and send it to us). Alternatively choose what you want when you come to the Centre.



12"/30cm Plastic Ruler £1.00

 Pencil Eraser  £0.60 

Recycled Wetsuit Wristband

Made from ex-Grenville House wetsuits

 Grenville House Postcard £0.30
 Twist Action Ballpen £0.50
 Pencil £0.30
 Big Eyed Bug £0.60
  Bookmark  £1.00 
Helmet Pencil Sharpener£2.00