News and Events Diary


Dates:13-17 April 2020


Minimum age 16.

RYA full membership (youth if appropriate).

Valid first aid certificate – RYA one is recommended.

RYA Powerboat Level 2 certificate

RYA Safe & Fun safeguarding certificate

Pre-entry sailing assessment completed within 1 year prior to the instructor training course.

Price - £325.00 (Non-residential)

Accommodation may be available.

If interested please contact Kurt Mockridge - Centre Manager


tel: 01803 852797

Important Notice

The NHS has closed the Accident and Emergency provision at Brixham Hospital. 

Any minor injuries now have to be dealt with at either Torbay, Totnes or Newton Abbot hospitals.

Consequently it is highly recommended that our visitors bring a support vehicle for the duration of your stay.


 It's all Change at Grenville House.


The back yard will become a building site starting on October 3rd 2016 when the old 'non-resident' building will be demolished to make way for our brand new changing rooms. As of May 2017 all of our clients will be able to change and shower in the comfortable surroundings of our shiny new facility.

There will be four rooms able to accommodate 3 activity groups i.e. 18 people, 2 staff changing rooms ( 1 male and 1 female), plus a mobility changing room. Each room will have toilets and shower cubicles with underfloor heating. Lighting will be via skylights in the roof.

We selected both a local architect who has designed the building to blend in with the the rest of the site whilst looking stylish and a local builder to carry out the demolition and construction works.

This is an extremely exciting project that will improve the experience for everybody staying with us and we look forward to you using it.

This £300,000 project is fully funded by the Charity so any support towards this would be warmly welcomed. If you are able to help in any way please contact us at the Centre.

Hello Daughter

Cheryl Mitchelmore (nee Leaman) is the new Head Housekeeper

After more than 14 years working in the shadow of her mum Cheryl is now officially the Head Housekeeper. Since her promotion in June this year (2014) she has exceeded all expectations assuming the role instantly and making it her own. Not only has she maintained the high standards set by Kay, she has put her own stamp on the position. Furthermore she has shown how caring and attentive she is to the needs of the children and adults she is looking after; which has been acknowledged by many group leaders' feedback in recent weeks.

So you can rest assured that when you come to Grenville House you will eat well and be taken care of.




Goodbye 'Mother'

Kay Barter Head Housekeeper Retires


After 17 years of dedicated and committed service Grenville House said goodbye to Head Housekeeper Kay Barter on Friday 30th May 2014. A truly remarkable lady who was intrumental in creating the family atmosphere generated at the Centre. All who meet her are immediaely taken in by her genuine caring nature. Nothing is ever too much trouble and getting her to stop for a rest was always impossible.

Contrary to popular belief Kay will be irreplacable as she is definitely 'one of a kind'. We all wish her a long and well deserved retirement and no doubt she will be popping in for a coffee now and again. So if you are lucky you may not have seen the last of her.


New for 2014 


Q.) ''What's SUP?'' - I hear you say (excuse the pun). Answer - Only the fastest growing watersport in the world and it is now available at Grenville House OEC.

Our brand new fleet of inflatable paddleboards allows you to experience the nearest thing to walking on water. At present we are the only provider in Torbay offering the opportunity to try out this relatively new and exciting activity. In a very short time even a complete novice will be able to paddle around with confidence. The beauty of SUP is the minimal equipment required to take part and the simplicity of access to the type of water you want to do it on.

Once you have been bitten by the SUP bug you can go in the direction of your choice ranging from the peaceful solitude of a reacreational paddle on flat water to journeying or even whitewater river paddling. We have also invested in winter steamer wetsuits to increase the enjoyment whatever the weather or sea temperature.

Whatever you choose one strange side effect is that it seems to make you smile!

Our Catering is '5' Star.

On December the 6th 2013 following an inspection by the Environmental Health Office of Torbay Council we were awarded the highest rating of '5' under The National Food Hygiene Rating System. After many years of worry by Kay our Head Housekeeper, revered by all who are fortunate enough to sample the culinary delights that she produces whilst supported superbly by her assistant ( & daughter!) Cheryl, it came as no surprise.

This award is literally the icing on the cake for Grenville House as we pride ourselves on providing the best service possible in every aspect of our operation. It is particularly pleasing as it formally acknowledges the high standards that Kay and Cheryl have been working at for a combined service of almost 30 years.

The management team and the Charity Committee would like to pass on their utmost thanks and appreciation to Kay and Cheryl for all of their hard work and commitment.


Evaluation of Learning Away: first interim report published.

Learning Away is a special initiative of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF), supporting schools in 12 partnerships across the UK to develop, pilot and evaluate the impact of residential experiences.

In 2012 PHF commissioned York Consulting to evaluate the impact of Learning Away. The first interim report has just been published.

The outdoor environment: How can our children learn to care about their futures?

As children are increasingly removed from the natural environment it has been recognised that it is having a detrimental effect on their health, well-being and learning ability. The Learning Escape has sought to address this concept following on from the National Trust's report - Natural Childhood' in 2012:-

Residential Outdoor Education is a legacy for learning.

The English Outdoor Council has produced an updated research paper on residential outdoor experiences.

Residential outdoor education is a recognised and powerful learning and developmental experience, the English Outdoor Council believes that:

  • There should be a formal entitlement for all young people to a progressive range of learning outside the classroom opportunities, including at least one residential experience.
  • There should be a ring-fenced source of funding to support those young people who would not otherwise be able to afford this. (May be move to wards guidance on use of funding such as Pupil Premium? FOR DISCUSSION)
  • Initial Teacher Training should incorporate how outdoor education opportunities benefit child development and learning and that training opportunities should be available as a part of ongoing professional development.

Executive Summary

  • There is crystal clear and incontestable evidence in support of learning outside the classroom in that it raises educational standards in schools, often leading to a dramatic change in self-confidence.
  • Within the broad sphere of learning outside the classroom, challenging outdoor activities and environmental studies are particularly powerful learning opportunities.  They contribute to a range of important societal targets across education, health, anti-social behaviour and community cohesion.
  • There is ‘evidence that the number of schools that offer residential experience is increasing but fewer opportunities are available for schools with more deprived catchment areas’  and as a result, not all young people benefit from these.
  • To redress this unfairness, there should be an entitlement to a progressive range of learning experiences outside the classroom, including at least one residential experience, for all young people.
  • This view is shared by much of society, including many MPs.
  •  There is a clear economic case that the entitlement should be publicly funded.
  •  However, in the current climate, it is recognised that this is unrealistic.
  •  Nevertheless, an entitlement is achievable without additional net government funding.
  •  Parents recognise the benefits and are willing to contribute.  This is justifiable.
  •  But there is a need to support those young people who would not otherwise be able to afford the experience.
  • The modest cost of such support would be balanced by savings resulting from the societal benefits.
  • This document lists the evidence and explains how the government can, even in the current economic climate, create fair access for all by creating a simple entitlement to a range of progressive outdoor learning opportunities.

To read the full report follow the link below:-

 Out with the Old and in with the New 'Minibus'

After over 11 years of trusty or is that 'rusty' service the LDV minibus has finally gone to the Car Park in the sky. In order to keep in line with the high standard of provision throughout the Centre we have been fortunate  enough to purchase a replacement in the form of a long wheel base Ford Transit 17 seater minibus. 'Sea Badger: Too!' is now sitting proudly in the driveway waiting to take groups to our off-site activity venues.

The Charity would like to thank Mrs Olive Randall who very kindly thought of Grenville House in her will and whose legacy enabled us to make this improvement to our transport provision.



Outdoor learning is in a class of its own

Learning outside the classroom builds children's confidence and can transform their relationships with teachers. So how can schools be encouraged to organise more outdoor activities?

Follow this link below to find out more:-

Major Investment in Grenville House

'A new roof over our heads'

After almost four months the Centre is now visible again having been shrouded in scaffolding a la St Mark's Basilica in Venice, since January. It is only with hindsight and having seen the contrast between the old and new that the necessity of the replacement could be appreciated. Brazilian slate has been used to match the natural beauty of the roof of the adjacent Chapel building which looks fantastic from every angle and even up close. (Never thought I would get to get up onto the Centre Roof which was an experience.)

The Sail Loft roof, which made a colander look watertight, has also been replaced during the Easter break. It is a bit bright but will soon weather in to blend nicely with the rest of the Centre.

Our last roof replacement will transform the Wetsuit store bringing it up to the standard of the rest of the site. Not only will it improve the condition of the room but will hopefully stop the rain coming in especially now it is full of holes which were made to accommodate the scaffold poles. 





Grenville House Outdoor Education Centre in Brixham, Devon has shown itself to be at the top of the class for educational visits by being awarded a Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge. Awarded by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, the LOtC Quality Badge combines for the first time learning and safety into one easily recognisable badge for all organisations providing learning outside the classroom experiences.


Centre Manager Kurt Mockridge said “Being awarded the LOtC Quality Badge is a real coup for all the staff here as it shows that we offer young people the type of high quality learning experiences they really benefit from. We're thrilled to get official recognition for our efforts and we look forward to welcoming even more children and young people from the local area to our Centre”


The LOtC Quality Badge was launched in 2009 as part of the Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto, a national initiative to ensure young people are given more opportunities to have these experiences as part of the curriculum. The LOtC Quality Badge is awarded by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, the national voice for Learning Outside the Classroom, who also provide free online guidance and information for teachers on how to plan and organise high quality activities. The badge is designed to make it easier for teachers to identify providers of quality educational visits. Organisations will display the badge as a signal to schools that their venue has met required standards, so teachers do not need to carry out their own risk or quality assessments.


There are two routes to the Quality Badge.  Route 1 is for organisations offering activities that are considered relatively low risk and activities that take place wholly in controlled areas used by the public, such as museums, galleries, places of worship and zoos.  Route 2 is for organisations providing activities that require a degree of technical knowledge and experience beyond the lay person. For example, adventurous activities such as rock climbing and river and coastal fieldwork, where young people enter the water to make measurements.


Providers looking to gain the badge will need to meet a set of six quality indicators and will be supported through a developmental process by a package of on-line support materials, which will include guidance, good practise exemplars, down-loadable templates and training materials.


Beth Gardner, Chief Executive of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom said:

 “Educational visits are among the most memorable experiences in a child’s school life.  Quality Badges offer teachers a guarantee that not only is a venue providing the sort of educational value that they can build on in class long after the visit but they also have the appropriate risk management structures in place.


Learning outside the classroom has many proven educational benefits. The LOtC Quality Badge will reduce red tape and provide assurance for schools, thereby ensuring that many more young people have memorable, exciting and valuable learning outside the classroom experiences. I congratulate Grenville House Outdoor Education Centre on being awarded the badge.”


The LOtC Quality Badge is available to large and small organisations providing quality learning outside the classroom experiences and managing risk effectively. Over 670 organisations have already been awarded the badge, including museums, adventurous activity and field study centres, places of worship, art galleries, visitor attractions, student travel companies and farms.


For more information about the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, please visit